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New User Information - Welcome

First of all, hello and a warm welcome to WorkInNonProfits.ca. Our site's main focus is to be the most affordable way of connecting non-profits across Canada with the human resources they need - quickly and easily.

Using our Website

On every page, you will see some constant items.

Navigation Tabs - across the top, above the blue bar, you will see 3 navigation tabs. Breadcrumb Trail - In the blue bar across the top, beginning with the words "You're here:", you will find a trail of where you are in the site and how you got there (the 'breadcrumbs'). At any stage you can click on one of the underlined links to go straight back to that page, without having to click your back button through the intermediate steps.

Left-hand Pane - On the left you have a navigation pane which also allows you to go quickly to any section of the site you would like. You will also notice a little blue image just above it to the left with 3 white triangles and the word "Hide". If you click on this it will hide the left pane to maximise your screen size for viewing jobs, etc. You can always get it back again by clicking the blue image with 3 white triangles again. If you are viewing this page at a resolution lower than 1024x768 we suggest turning off this pane to improve your browsing experience.

Account Section - In the top-right corner of the screen you will see account related links like "login", "create account" (if you're not logged in), "My Account" (if you are) and an option to change the site language. The "My Account" link takes you to the section where you can do things like change passwords, update your registration information, manage your job alerts and view billing details (if applicable) ) and history.

The Footer - in a dark blue bar across the bottom at the end of every page, you will find the footer. This too, contains links to various other areas of the site like our privacy policy, terms of use, about us and how to contact us.

Site Usability Features

In an effort to make the site as user friendly as possible, we have incorporated the following usability features.

Summary of Icons

external link icon external link (opens in new window)
internal or action link icon internal or action link
email icon goes to a page where you can send email
sort asc icon sort a column in ascending order (A→Z; 0→9)
sort desc icon sort a column in descending order (Z→A; 9→0)
error icon error message
info icon information message
caution icon cautionary or warning note
email icon tip, hint or noteworthy item
more info icon more information available
required icon a field requiring input before you can proceed
searchable icon a field that site visitors can search on
accessibility icon function or information for impaired users
printer friendly version icon printer friendly version of the page being viewed
personal job folder icon your personal job folder where you can store jobs of interest
mobile icon mobile device optimized version of the site (limited functionality)
RSS feed icon RSS news reader feed of jobs posted
Atom feed icon Atom news reader feed of jobs posted
hide pane icon hide the left hand pane
show pane icon show the left hand pane

More Information

Need more information? Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page provides a lot more information broken down into categories.

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