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Job Number:  38864
Child Protection Team Leader
Job Posted: Friday, 13 October 2017
Closing Date: Friday, 3 November 2017
(43 days ago)
Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services
Region: Vancouver & Lower Mainland Type: Full time
Location: Vancouver Salary: (not entered)

Job:                     Child Protection Team Leader
Location:             471 East Broadway, Vancouver BC

Hours of Work:     8:30 - 4:30 Monday to Friday

Classification:      Delegated Supervisor - Grid 28  

Salary:                 $68,217.52 - $77,991.09

Closing:               Open until filled – an eligibility list may be created for future postings


At VACFSS, we ensure that the rights, safety, well-being and spirit of Aboriginal children and families are upheld, honoured and protected. We strive to eliminate oppression, discrimination and marginalization within our community. We acknowledge and honour the inherent wisdom, capacity and resourcefulness of our community in designing programs and services to care for our own children and families. Accordingly, we are dedicated to planning, developing, and implementing creative and innovative Aboriginal programs and services in collaboration with members of our community and other agencies.




Reporting to the Practice Manager, this position is responsible for supervising the day-to-day activities of a Child Protection team, providing leadership and coordination. The Supervisor has responsibility to plan, develop, manage, coordinate and evaluate the delivery of services within the context of a Child Protection team. The Team Leader is directly accountable for the quality of service to clients and for setting and monitoring standards in a manner that is culturally sensitive to Aboriginal people. The role provides direct supervision and coaching to workers in the Child Protection team as well as vision, direction, guidance and leadership to his/her direct reports and others.




Goal Setting: Facilitates the establishment of goals and objectives for the Child Protection Team and assists the team in devising strategies for achievement of these goals.

Sets and communicates standards for individual members and team performance. Communicates plan in both written and verbal format.

Budget: Provides budgetary input and recommendations to the manager on projected program needs. Plans, monitors and controls local budget and identifies and reports expected budget variances providing explanations and proposed resolutions.


Human Resources: Assigns team members in accordance with Program objectives, safety considerations, labour relations guidelines, personnel compatibility and delivery of care projections. Prepares work schedules and assignments and partnerships in accordance with the above considerations.

Workload Management: Ensures that cases are assigned to team members in an equitable manner giving consideration to worker experience and case complexity. Ensures AOPSI guidelines and VACFSS Policies and Procedures are adhered to when managing case loads of team members.

Leading & Directing

Coaching: Provides a crucial role in performance management by providing positive feedback to team members by reinforcing effective behaviour and providing corrective feedback for ineffective behaviour. Models desirable behaviour and values. Acts as a resource person to members by monitoring cases and providing clinical supervision.

Performance Management: Identifies performance standards for team members, monitors individual performance, provides and solicits feedback and assists members in eliminating gaps in performance. Assists members in career planning by facilitating in – house training and job rotation within the team. Completes Performance Appraisals on all team members in every calendar year.

Motivation:  Creates an environment that is positive and encouraging and assists members to reconcile their personal goals with organizational goals.


Discipline:  Ensures discipline is maintained at the Team level for agency regulations and legal requirements.  Ensures agency protocol is followed when dealing with labour process.  Ensures performance problems and issues are dealt with proactively using a progressive discipline approach.  

Administrative Controls: Ensures administrative controls are in place to evaluate numerous functions including tracking service delivery work, budgets, authorized leaves, performance reviews and reconciliation accounting to ensure they fall within VACFSS and Program policies and guidelines. Ensures periodic audits are conducted to ensure objectives are met.

Client Complaint Resolution Process (CCRP): Ensures that client complaints are dealt with as outlined in the VACFSS Policies and Procedures in regards to CCRP including compliance to specific designated timeframes and communication requirements.

Training and Education

Identifies ongoing training needs with individual staff to ensure Child Protection Team members acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to work effectively. Integrates core training into practice. Provides mandatory training to team members on a monthly basis in the areas of VACFSS Policies and Procedures, Occupational Safety and Health procedures and practice. Encourages staff members to utilize their Staff Development annual allotment. Provides one-to-one training in the office.

Cultural Delivery of Services

Ensures that services are delivered in a culturally appropriate manner and ensures plans of care contain specific cultural components. Ensures that workers integrate cultural training and awareness into everyday practice. Models cultural behaviour. Ensures that workers are evaluated in their ability to communicate culture.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

Carries out their responsibilities for OSH as outlined in WorkSafe BC Regulations and VACFSS OSH Policies and Procedures.

Ensures that all staff who report to them are informed of OSH policies and procedures and updates from the JOSH and JJOSH Committees. Ensures that the work environment and workers are in compliance with applicable safety and health regulations. Ensures that OSH issues are a standing agenda item at all team meetings. Enforces safe worksite procedures. Assumes various OSH assignments such as OSH committees as required and when assigned by the Manager or Associate Manager.

Case Management

Ensures that child protection cases are assigned to the appropriate social workers.  Reviews files with workers on a one-to-one basis and in a group setting.  Ensures that cases are thoroughly investigated and files accurately reflect the investigation conducted.  Ensures that the necessary resources are applied to each case. Tracks the progress of assigned cases through the use of the case management system. Reviews referred cases and provides an opinion as to the degree of risk.

Resource Person

Clinical Supervision: Provides ongoing professional supervision and consultation with staff on a weekly basis and provides significant supportive relationship with individual staff. Provides guidance and assistance to Child Protection workers in completing and analyzing required immediate safety assessments and comprehensive risk assessments. Provides consultation to the workers regarding the BC Risk Assessment Model.

Court Preparation: Assists staff with preparation of court related documents and review and monitor documents as required. Participates with staff in developing court presentations and attend Court with staff as required:

Assessment and Investigation: Supervises staff in assessment and investigation of allegations of abuse or neglect of children and youth, presentation in court of evidence, and all aspects of risk assessment.

Delegation Process

Oversees the delegation process for new Social Workers as outlined in the VACFSS Policies and Procedures and AOPSI including: establishing and implementing a system for ensuring timely completion of field guides; monitoring the progress of new workers; and applying for delegation when appropriate.

Relational Engagement

Defines how an employee relates to persons served and other employees from an Aboriginal belief system. It also defines how Aboriginal employees relate to the land. In exhibiting this competency the supervisor:

  • Establishes good relationships with individual workers and the entire team (agency and community) to ensure a welcoming and supportive work environment;
  • Ensures team workers incorporate the use of community, extended family and connection to the land in their Comprehensive Plans of Care.

Aboriginal Leadership (Siiyamints)

Utilizes Aboriginal values and models of leadership which are entrenched in traditional Aboriginal leadership views (e.g. Siiyamints) to provide leadership to persons served, agency employees and others under their span of influence. In exhibiting this competency the supervisor:

  • Consistently demonstrates Siiyamints by promoting the development of VACFSS and Aboriginal values of VACFSS by setting an example for others to follow;
  • Displays integrity in the tradition of Siiyamints by ensuring that workers under their charge are chosen, trained, evaluated with integrity and within the five values of VACFSS.

Collaborative Problem Solving & Decision – Making

The process of traditional problem solving utilizing collaboration and consensus in analyzing and developing appropriate solutions to problems, evaluating a course of action, reaching logical decisions and modifying decisions based on changing circumstances or information. In exhibiting this competency the supervisor:

  • Utilizes collaborative and consensus  based decision making with team members in solving problems and resolving conflicts;
  • Is objective when making decisions, especially concerning emotional issues to ensure consistency in judgment; and
  • Utilizes a collaborative and inclusive process in completing performance appraisals with team members.

Emotional Competency

Is the ability of a person to maintain controlled emotional involvement in dealing with self and with others. In exhibiting this competency the supervisor:

  • Maintains composure and emotional self – regulation when faced with difficult situations, crisis and problem employees;
  • In times of difficult encounters with subordinates, peers and supervisors maintains emotional control and awareness to avoid disrespectful or bullying behaviour;
  • Utilizes personal resources and organizational support resources such as Counsellor/Elder, EAP, Stress Reduction through Message therapy, CISM and culture to regulate their emotions to ensure a functional state.


The characteristic which recognizes the Aboriginal people historically have been resilient in the face of the hardships of life including the environment and famine. It is the ability to recover from or adjust readily to change or misfortune. In exhibiting this competency the supervisor:

  • Demonstrates the ability to recover and adjust quickly to set backs in the team and negative reactions to supervision by their subordinates; and
  • Demonstrates the ability to recover and adjust from program change, crisis in family service settings and personal criticism.

Cultural/Spiritual Expression

The characteristic which recognizes the role that culture and spirituality play in the everyday life of Aboriginal. Cultural expression involves a practical knowledge of cultural practices, their components, and protocols attached to each cultural practice. In exhibiting this competency the supervisor:

  • Demonstrates a practical knowledge of Aboriginal cultural and spiritual practices, their components and protocols and the role they play in the healing process;
  • Participates and encourages participation in the cultural activities of VACFSS; and
  • Ensures that the cultural expression of the Aboriginal people in systemically included in all structures, formal documents and activities of the team.

Position Specific Knowledge

Demonstrates practical knowledge of the day to day running of Child Protection Team in a child and family service agency serving a large Urban Aboriginal population. Exhibits good working knowledge of Child, Family and Community Services Act and related legislation, policies, provincial and government systems including a clear understanding of risk factors relating to the protection of children in all environments. Demonstrates a practical working knowledge of Structured Decision Making tools. Demonstrates a strong knowledge of Aboriginal cultural practices, ceremonies, values and beliefs.

Interpersonal Skills

Maintains composure and effectively deals with others. Is patient and shows interest in others. Is easy to be around and is approachable. People feel appreciated and in touch with the person. Others turn to this individual for advice and support. Communicates and comports oneself in a respectful manner.


Demonstrates ability to modify behavioural style, to adjust to changing social values and to adapt to changing work responsibilities and methods.  Modifies personal life to adapt to variable working hours as well as scheduled and non-scheduled callouts.

Team Work

As a member of the larger Child Protection team, as well as the VACFSS Leadership team, contributes to team activities, shares ideas/information and experience with team members, and demonstrates commitment to team decisions and goals.  Participates effectively in group discussions and activities and encourages others to do the same.   Provides direction, vision, support, and encouragement to teams, groups, and/or individuals.






Education, Training and Experience:   


  • A Master of Social Work (MSW) or a Master’s degree in a related social services field; or a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW); or a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care; or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in a related social services field; and,
  • A minimum of five (5) years of current experience in child and family services in a delegated agency which include three (3) years current Child Protection experience in a delegated agency; and,
  • Minimum of 1 year of supervisory experience (can be acting experience) coupled with supervisory training; and,
  • Computer Skills including Microsoft Office; and,
  • Criminal Record Check, Valid BC Driver’s Licence; and,
  • Existing C – 6 Delegation is required for this position.


Job Skills and Abilities:    

  • Knowledge of Child, Family and Community Services Act and other relevant acts and statutes.
  • Knowledge of mental health and other issues affecting children.
  • Clear understanding of risk factors relating to the protection of children in all environments.
  • Knowledge of related theories, principles, techniques and practice directions relating to children.
  • Knowledge of Aboriginal cultural practices, ceremonies, values and beliefs.
  • Ability to treat clients with respect and in a culturally sensitive manner.
  • Solid assessment skills including those required for good case management.
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
  • Knowledge of Performance Management processes.
  • Strong conflict resolution and mediation skills.
  • Valid Class 5 Driver’s Licence and a reliable vehicle or access to a reliable vehicle required.



Interested applicants may apply at www.vacfss.com or by using the following link: https://vacfss.wufoo.eu/forms/r1dbtk6v16t2lzf/.  


Preference may be given to qualified Aboriginal candidates per Section 41 of the Human Rights Code.

How to Apply:
Apply directly through the Agency website of www.vacfss.com using the online application found on the Employment Opportunities webpage: https://vacfss.wufoo.eu/forms/r1dbtk6v16t2lzf/
Contact Details:
Jeremy Bara
Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services
745 Clark Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5L 3J3

Tel: 6048757028
Fax: 6048726729
www:   www.vacfss.com/

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