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Job Details

Job Number:  58023
Children Believe - Request for Proposal (RFP): F2F-19-2
Job Posted: Wednesday, 2 October 2019
Closing Date: Friday, 1 November 2019
(in 8 days)
Children Believe
Region: York / Durham area Type: RFP (Request For Proposal)
Location: Markham Salary: (not entered)

Issued by: Children Believe Fund

Date Issued: October 1, 2019


1.0 Notice to intended vendors


This Request for Proposals (RFP), issued by Children Believe Fund (CBF) solicits proposals from selected Agency and/or Consultant vendors to provide:


Face to face canvassing services, including: (a) door to door canvassing, (b) street canvassing,(c) retail mall canvassing, d) event canvassing, e) reporting of results, insights and recommendations.


CBF makes no commitment to contract for work with any vendor(s) responding to this RFP now or at a future date. CBF may choose one or more vendors to perform the necessary work, at its sole discretion. CBF will not reimburse vendors for any expenses or pay for any services associated with responding to this RFP.


CBF agrees to maintain all vendor proposals and related materials submitted including presentations and any original work of the vendor as private and confidential. Vendor submissions will not be displayed, disseminated, utilized or adopted in any way by CBF other than for purposes of evaluating the contents for this RFP process. No speculative creative work should be submitted.


All proposals and collateral materials submitted in response to this RFP become the property of CBF and will not be returned to vendors.


2.0 RFP Introduction


2.1 RFP Purpose


The RFP process is being conducted as part of CBF’s review of organizational face to face fundraising activities. The incumbent(s) will be responsible for:


  1. Identifying, attracting and converting donors through face to face canvassing
  2. Optimizing location, audience and message to maximize revenue
  3. Analyzing, assess, identify and provide reporting of all program activity
  4. Ensuring all staff are well trained and have the necessary tools to fundraise
  5. Providing expertise, advice, recommendations for trends and opportunities
  6. Collaborating with other vendors as required


2.2 Program objective


To build a robust face to face program that acquires quality monthly donors in order to maximize revenue at an efficient cost


  1. Goal: 2,500 monthly donors
  2. Timing: November 1 - March 31
  3. Activities: Door to door, street canvassing and/or retail malls


2.3 RFP Schedule


The following is the schedule of events for this RFP process. CBF reserves the right to adjust any of these dates as necessary to meet its needs. If any date becomes adjusted, vendors will be informed via electronic message (email).


  1. Issuance of Request for Proposals to selected vendors/public posting of Request for Proposals: October 1, 2019
  2. Letter/email of intent to respond submitted by vendor no later than: October 11, 2019
  3. Questions submitted by vendor no later than: Noon EST October 16, 2019
  4. Answers to submitted questions by the organization, any RFP revisions provided to vendors no later than: October 18, 2019
  5. Proposals due to CBF no later than: Noon EST October 25, 2019
  6. Selected vendor(s) notified of invitation to present: October 28, 2019
  7. Presentations to CBF: October 29-30, 2019
  8. CBF and vendor clarification period to confirm details: October 31, 2019
  9. CBF confirms final decision(s): November 1, 2019


CBF at its sole discretion, reserves the right to request one or more vendors to submit a “bestand-final-offer,” which may involve targeted changes to the requirements stated or pricing submitted through this RFP process. In this event, the dates may be modified as required.


3.0 Program engagement


3.1 Desired state of program


Our desired state for our face to face program includes a client/vendor partnership that includes:


  1. Collaboration in program design, activities involved, timing, creative, training, reporting
  2. An overall cost structure ensuring a positive LTDV and profitability for both parties
  3. Acquisition of donors who will stay on file a minimum of 5 years
  4. A payback model that ensures CBF receives part or all of the acquisition cost if a donor cancels their sponsorship within the first three (3) months
  5. Flexibility from both parties to adjust the program as needed to maximize revenue


3.2 Process of ongoing engagement with CBF


Marketing vendors work primarily with the Director, Marketing with support from the Manager, Marketing to execute programs. A business case (brief) for fiscal programs/campaigns initiatives is provided to the vendor including the allocated budget, at which time the vendor submits a Statement of Work which includes specific deliverables, schedule and detailed budget estimate

inclusive of all related costs.


4.0 RFP requirements, inclusions and submission


CBF seeks a vendor to work with it to develop, and implement a robust face to face fundraising program. This will include but not be limited to:


  1. Strategies and recommendations for locations, placements, audiences, channels, message and creative
  2. Weekly reporting on results, learnings and recommendations


4.1 Vendor Subcontractors


CBF wants a solution with a single point of contact. If the vendor intends to use other subcontracted consultants, agencies or individuals to fulfill some aspects of the requirements, this must be specifically disclosed in the proposal. However, all vendor relationships must remain seamless and functionally transparent to the organization.


4.2 Proposal Format


Please submit proposals in the order of topics requested in sections 5-7 below and ensure the length does not exceed: 1 Cover page; 1 page for Executive Summary; 5 pages for proposal content; appendices are in addition to the above.


4.3 Proposal Submission Instructions


Vendors must submit a complete response to CBF by the due date and time stated in this RFP. Vendors are required to submit:


  1. one (1) signed original hardcopy including any samples or other associated materials (bound in a way that is convenient to handle);
  2. three (3) extra bound hardcopies of the proposal must be submitted WITHOUT the additional samples and/or other associated materials;
  3. one (1) complete electronic version of the proposal via PDF on USB or electronic mail.


Please note vendor signatories must be able to legally bind their corporate entity.


4.4 Proposal contacts for enquiries


Inquiries pertaining to this RFP should be addressed to:


David Tsigoulis

Director, Marketing

Children Believe Fund

1200 Denison St; Markham, ON L3R 8G6


Tim D’Souza

Chief Operating Officer

Children Believe Fund

1200 Denison St; Markham, ON L3R 8G6


5.0 Proposal Content


5.1 Vendor (Agency/Team) Description


The proposal must include a brief history and description of the vendor’s organization and team that will fulfill the RFP requirements. Identify the key strengths, expertise and experience you will provide to CBF. Specify partnerships and/or strategic alliances that you would deploy to

fulfill the necessary requirements of this RFP.


The proposal should also include information concerning the organization’s financial stability. Relevant information would include a copy of or link to the organization’s most recent annual financial statements or statements confirming/attesting to satisfactory payment history from key suppliers.


5.2 Vendor Team (Staffing)


Please describe the team the vendor will deploy to serve the organization’s business. Credentials, experience and expertise should be briefly reviewed. The vendor must name a specific person or persons who will act in these capacities for CBF.


  1. Account and/or Project Director(s)
  2. Project Manager(s)
  3. Reporting


For these individuals, a biography or resumé can be added as an appendix.


If vendor will be making use of subcontractors the key person for each subcontractor should be identified in the proposal. Include a biography of these identified sub-contractors as an appendix.


5.3 Go to market strategy


Describe your strategy on how you will take the program to market starting November 1, 2019


  1. Staffing, training and monitoring process
  2. Fundraising approach
  3. Deployment approach and schedule
  4. Approach to handling of complaints
  5. Proposed breakdown of activities in order to reach our fundraising goal
  6. Payback model for donors who cancel within the first three (3) months
  7. Materials required from CBF


5.4 Vendor Processes and Tools


The vendor must provide an explanation of the processes, tools, procedures, reports and other documentation or approaches that will be used to deliver the desired goods and services as described in section 2.2 above. Please ensure that data processing reporting is included.


5.5 Previous Work Example:


In the proposal, describe a campaign that utilized a face to face campaign that showed an innovative approach. Please include target audience, budget, conversion / response rate and ROI. Please submit at least two hard copy samples in PDFs associated with this example. These samples will be kept strictly confidential and will not be returned.


5.6 Affiliations and Qualifications.


Please provide a description of your qualifications, or affiliations with other organizations that would be deemed relevant to face to face fundraising.


5.7 Fee Summary


Please provide a budget to execute a face to face program that will net CBF 2,500 monthly donors between November 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020. Budget will need to take the following items into account:


  1. Brand launch to Children Believe will occur on October 1, 2019
  2. We would like to focus on door to door and retail malls exclusively with the plan
  3. Our focus will be on child sponsorships at $41/month, no single gift or community rise products will be part of this program
  4. For any retail mall forecasting, we would like you to include ballpark retail space rental fees, administrative costs booth transport & setup costs of executing this on our behalf
  5. Please note that we are flexible on the channel we acquire monthly donors, however, we would like to have our total net acquired to meet or exceed our goal of 2,500 by March 31, 2020
  6. Please refer to the Fee Summary chart on our website at https://ccfcanada.secure.force.com/careers/VanaHCM__Job_Detail?Id=a1j5A000002QOAMQA4


5.8 Vendor References


Please provide a list of three (3) client account references for whom your team is performing (or has performed) face to face fundraising services. Your team must have provided service to the reference within the last three (3) years.


Please provide reference full names, title, organization, phone numbers and email address. Also please specify with a sentence or two the nature of the work you have performed for each reference.


5.9 Affirmation: No Legal or Affiliate Entanglements


By signing your proposal, you affirm that:


  1. None of your Agency or specified team sub-contractors, or its respective officers, directors or owners, have Canada Revenue Agency, Canada Post or criminal enforcement actions or litigation pending against it or them.
  2. None of your Agency or specified team sub-contractors or its respective officers, directors or owners, have partially or wholly-owned affiliates—direct or arm’s length—which may be deployed on CBF’s business.
  3. There are no real or perceived conflicts of interest stemming from current or prior personal or family relationships with staff or Board members of Children Believe. (If there are any real or perceived conflicts of interest, please submit them with your proposal)


6.0 Proposal evaluation criteria


CBF intends to work with the vendor that provides the best value and benefit. The selected vendor may not necessarily provide the lowest prices. The following evaluation method will be followed:


6.1 Basic Criteria


CBF will eliminate any proposal that fails to meet these basic criteria:


  1. Adherence to submission instructions including deadlines
  2. Completion of all elements of the proposal
  3. Specific provision of certificate(s) of business insurance (section 5.4)
  4. Adherence to proposal format guidelines
  5. Agreement with the Affirmations (section 5.7)


6.2 Merit Criteria


CBF will award merit points to each proposal. A proposal can earn up to 100 points. The evaluation criteria and their point values are these:


  1. Vendor organization: 25 POINTS: vendor’s team strength, staffing, expertise in face to face fundraising. Considerations here will also include vendor longevity, financial stability, reputation and reports from references.
  2. Technical experience: 25 POINTS: depth of experience in and proven aptitude for successful fundraising program development and execution. Considerations here will include the technical know-how the vendor will provide in creating and deploying programs. Processes, workflow documentation and quality assurance approaches will also be evaluated in this section.
  3. Pricing: 40 POINTS: overall cost of the work will be evaluated. Considerations will include reasonability of price ranges, mark-ups, transparency of invoicing and fiscal pacing.
  4. Presentation and Communication: 10 POINTS: the vendor presentation, its thoroughness and clarity will be evaluated. Considerations will include the vendor’s perceived ability to consult with and feedback to CBF collaboratively to ensure continuous improvement of both processes and results.


7.0 Fiscal pacing


Please indicate your ordinary invoicing practices and preferred terms. The agency will be required upon invoicing to specify hourly rates, hours by function and applicable rates and fees through the RFP process.

How to Apply
Please mention you saw this posting on WorkInNonProfits.ca.
Please apply for this opportunity by going to Children Believe's Careers website: https://childrenbelieve.ca/about-us/who-we-are/careers/

Scroll down to the section: “Find career opportunities”.

Search under Title for "Request for Proposal (RFP): F2F-19-2". If you experience any issues with the application process, please contact us at
Contact Details
Children Believe
1200 Denison Street
Markham, ON, L3R 8G6

Tel: (905) 754-1001
www:   childrenbelieve.ca/

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