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Supplier Profile - Social Impact Squared

Paul Bakker Contact Details:
Paul Bakker
Social Impact Squared
20 Shallmar Blvd.
Unit 701
Toronto, ON, M5N1J5

Tel: 6479384806

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www:   www.socialimpactsquared.com
Social Impact Squared
Evaluation, Performance Management, Data Analysis, Training, and Stakeholder Consultation
Provides services in: Hamilton area, London area, Ottawa area, Halton / Peel area, York / Durham area, Eastern Ontario, Central Ontario, Southern Ontario, Toronto Metro area
Based in: Toronto Metro area   Location: Toronto



Good evaluation research should not only tell you whether you are achieving your goals, it should also tell you what is driving success, who is having the most success, what are the barriers and enablers of success, and what are some possible ways to improve.  We can design an evaluation to provide those answers.  If you already have data, we can analyze it to provide those answers.


Developmental Evaluation


While you are first innovating and developing your products or services, measuring your social impact is often not the main goal. Before you look at your impact, we can help you:

  • understand if you efforts are likely to work,
  • if there is a demand,
  • how activities can be more efficient,
  • how partnerships are working, and much more.

The goal is to help you refine a model or strategy that describes exactly how you will create social impact.


Impact Measurement


You may want an accurate estimate of your social impact for many reasons. You may want to:

  • know if your resources could be better invested in other activities
  • know if changes you have made have lead to improved outcomes
  • show your funders and customers the value of their investments.

We can help you measure your impact by:

  • Creating a plan to collect the data you need to evaluate your impact
  • Developing the tools you will need
  • Collecting the data you will need
  • Analyzing the data collected
  • Reporting your results to encourage action and improvement

We can provide the full suite of services or any of the individual services.

We are experts in impact measurement designs.  Paul Bakker has presented at the Canadian Evaluation Society's National Conference on time-series and benefit-based design and has experience conducting evaluations using many other designs.


Paul is also experienced at designing evaluations that both measure impact and influence program development.


Performance Improvement


Increase your social impact by continually assessing your performance and looking for ways to innovate.


Our approach will help you:

  • Create a culture of evaluation and improvement
  • Obtain staff buy-in and decrease conflict
  • Focus on the main drivers of success (including funding)
  • Rapidly test changes and innovations
  • Build evaluation capacity that isn't lost with staff turn-over
  • Deal with challenges before they become problems

Data Analysis


We can help you make sense of the data on your programs, clients, donors, and social impacts.


We can:

  • Clean your data so that results are accurate
  • Describe your accomplishments
  • Measure your impact
  • Compare different groups' needs, opinions, and outcomes
  • Describe changes over time
  • Discover the drivers of success
  • Create tools to help you decide how to best help your clients or obtain funds

Our experience ranges from analyzing basic survey data to analyzing longitudinal and time-series data.

One of our pet-peeves is statistical jargon.  Instead of reporting things like correlation coefficients, we explain what the numbers mean in plain language.  For instance, instead of saying the correlation coefficient between age and the likelihood of volunteering is 3, we would report that for every yearly increase in age, the percentage of people that volunteer tends to increase by 3%. (Note: this is a made up statistic).


Stakeholder Consultation


Understand your impact

One of best ways to understand what impact your initiatives are having is to consult the people experiencing the impacts on a daily basis - that is, staff and clients.

We can help you collect the right data in a way that works best for your clients.  We can use conventional methods, such as interviews, focus groups, or surveys, or we can use methods that make creative use of things like story-telling or photo-taking.


Prioritize your impact

Your work likely produces many benefits, and there are likely many things that lead to those benefits.  We can help you consult with clients, staff, funders, and other stakeholders to learn what is most important to them.  You can then focus on what is of greatest value to your stakeholders.


Improve your impact

Clients and staff can provide invaluable information on what is and what is not working. They also can provide great insights into how to improve programs and services.


Evaluation Training


Learn how to conduct effective social impact research.


Measuring your social impacts to make improvements and obtain more funding can be difficult.  However, many organizations do not have an evaluation professional on staff, or measuring social impact may be someone's part-time responsibility.  Social Impact Squared can provide you with an experienced evaluator to be your evaluation coach.  In otherwords, rather than giving you a fish, we can teach you to fish.


The evaluation coach will provide the tools and guidance you'll need to develop a practical and useful plan to understand your social impacts.  The coach can also help you create a culture of evaluation and improvement throughout your organization.


Our approach is based on learning by doing.  We'll help you apply social research in a way that is practical for your unique challenges.

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