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GoByBike BC – Executive Director RFP 



GoByBike BC Society (formerly Bike to Work BC Society) was formed as the provincial body to secure and share resources to help communities throughout British Columbia deliver successful Bike to Work Week events. Historically, our organization focused on commuting to work by bike; in 2018, the board decided to expand our core mandate to helping people discover the joy of using their bikes for everyday transportation. We changed our name and rebranded ourselves to become ‘GoByBike BC Society’ at this time and the rest is history! 

GoByBike BC events now see upwards of 55,000 participants in communities across BC. 

General Requirements 

GoByBike BC Society coordinates province-wide spring and fall GoByBike BC Weeks, distributing community grants to support local activations, with the goal of encouraging more people to use their bike for everyday transportation. 

In order to deliver the above events and promote cycling year-round, the Society requires the services of an Executive Director to oversee the GoByBike BC organization and events. 

This request for proposal is for all the human resources related to the management of the organization and the coordination of the provincial events. The proposal should include a full HR budget and HR profile for the successful delivery of the full scopes of work below, including all subcontracted supports and personnel. 

Human Resources 

The successful applicant will first and foremost take on the role of Executive Director, as well as to ensure that the organization has adequate human resources to coordinate the provincial events. The successful applicant would be responsible for sub-contracting, recruiting, overseeing, and managing any additional personnel brought on to deliver the Scope of Work outlined in this RFP. The Executive Director will: 

  • • Hire and oversee the work of any contractors and ensure regular, updated contracts as well as regular performance reviews; and 
  • • Liaise and provide advice to the board of directors' human resource committee, as relevant. 


Scope of Work - Organization 

Strategy & Planning 

  • • Work with the board of directors to develop an annual operations plan, including goals and priorities, and a long-range strategic plan. 
  • • Ensure regular measurement and feedback related to goals and objectives. 
  • • Regular environmental scanning to be aware of potential issues and opportunities impacting the Society’s direction and operations. 


  • • Regularly assess the organization structure and scope to ensure ability to work within resources while looking for opportunities to expand capacity, as relevant and feasible. 
  • • Support the board of directors with assessing and implementing any strategic sharing of resources, collaborations, or mergers with partner organizations. 
  • • Work with the board to envision what the future of cycling promotion will be in BC! 


Revenue Development 

  • • Set revenue targets in discussion with board members and any other contractors as relevant. 
  • • Responsible for revenue development to ensure: o Maintenance of prospect lists, 
  • o New relationships with qualified and existing sponsor prospects are developed, 
  • o Revenue targets are met, 
  • o Sponsor benefits are fulfilled, 
  • o Reports for sponsors and funders are completed in a timely and relevant manner. 
  • • Ensure contracted obligations with the Province of BC and any other funders are met. 
  • • Participate in sponsorship and government proposals and direct asks as relevant, for both leadership level sponsors and funders. 
  • • Explore new opportunities for revenue generation. 
  • • Build relationships with current and potential funders. 
  • • Pitch potential sponsors by phone, in person, or by email. 
  • • Develop and regularly update a funder/sponsor list and provide progress reports on funding prospects, including grant application deadlines. 
  • • Develop and update sponsorship packages, including a description of sponsor levels and benefits. 
  • • Prepare individually customized proposals and sponsor agreements. 
  • • Complete grant and other funding application forms as required. 
  • • Work to reach agreed upon fundraising targets 
  • • Coordinate with funders/sponsors to ensure sponsor branding is used appropriately and that all terms of funding agreements are fulfilled. 
  • • Steward funders/sponsors by creating event reports for government and all sponsors, and following up as relevant to the level of funding provided (e.g. thank you letters, etc.). 
  • • Work with board task force or individual board members on revenue generation. 
  • • Explore strategic partnerships for potential revenue and cost-sharing. 


Program Management 

  • • Delivery of annual programs and core operations throughout BC according to goals and objectives, including: Bike to Work & School Week/GoByBike Weeks. 
  • • Oversee the work of contractors on special projects such as web systems development and maintenance, or other projects and programs that may arise. 
  • • Provide regular reports to the board, as required. 


Administration & Financial 


  • • Develop annual budget with input from the board treasurer and board of directors. 
  • • Ensure all suppliers are paid on a timely basis, including contractors. 


  • • Distribute community grants. 
  • • Keep track of all financial transactions. 
  • • Deposit revenue cheques into the bank. 
  • • Liaise with the bookkeeper to produce regular financial statements and other records. 
  • • Present financial statements to the board, coordinating with the Treasurer. 
  • • Maintain invoices, receipts, and vouchers for expenses and if required, the Contractor will provide these records to the board for the purposes of copying or auditing them, or both, upon request. 
  • • Establish and maintain Executive Director time records and books of account for all expenses incurred. 



  • • File or oversee the filing of all necessary documents each year, including annual filing with BC Corporate Registry and T2 with the CRA. 
  • • Ensure the board of directors is aware of their fiduciary responsibilities, including filings and other annual legal requirements 
  • • Arrange Directors and Officers liability insurance for the board of directors 
  • • Arrange for annual mail box renewal, pick up mail, and deal with mail as required. 
  • • Keep any relevant files, including hard copies as well as electronic files, in Dropbox; arrange for files to be updated by program manager, board secretary, or other, as determined. 
  • • Ensure any other activities essential to the operation of GoByBike BC are carried out. 


Board Relations and Governance 

  • • The Executive Director is the key personnel contact for the board and attends all board meetings. 
  • • Keep the board updated by reporting on all program, funding, and other relative topics. 
  • • Arrange board meetings, agendas and materials for board meetings, or arrange for these to be done by the Board Secretary. 
  • • Provide executive advice to the board as required. 
  • • Arrange opportunities for board development. 
  • • Work with board to ensure terms of reference, role descriptions, and board orientation materials are created and maintained. 
  • • Assist with recruiting and orientating new board members. 
  • • Arrange annual strategic board retreat. 


Government and other Relationships 

  • • Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders and funders, including the Province of BC, relevant ministries and elected contacts, as well as federal and municipal governments where relevant. 
  • • Develop and maintain relationships with key organisations, such as Bike Victoria, HUB Vancouver, BC Cycling Coalition, and others to ensure that there are no conflicts and to look for shared opportunities. 
  • • Develop written partnership agreements as required. 


Public relations, media and marketing 

  • • Act as “the face” of the organisation—e.g. media spokesperson, public speaking, etc.--in cooperation with the board president. Develop key messages and train others as required. 
  • • Respond to inquiries from the public about GoByBike BC. 
  • • Oversee marketing of GoByBike BC through program manager or other contractors as required. 
  • • Ensure consistency of brand experience for GoByBike BC. 


Website/registration and data systems 

  • • Oversee the work of program manager/suppliers to ensure the web site and online registration and data collection systems are working to a high standard, remain relevant, and are updated as required. 
  • • Ensure website content is kept up to date, including board of director information. 


Scope of Work – Program Delivery 

GoByBike BC’s primary objective is to enable local communities to hold highly successful engagement events such as Bike to Work & School Week/GoByBike Week in order to meet the goals and mandates of GoByBike BC. It is understood that specific goals may change and if so, these changes will be discussed in advance in writing. Services related to program and event delivery include, but are not limited to: 

Coordination with local coordinators and regions 

  • • Coordinate by phone and email (may involve face-to-face as budget permits) with new and returning community coordinators throughout BC. 
  • • Proactive encouragement, orientation, training, and information sessions about GoByBike BC events, website, registration, and reporting systems. 
  • • Act as the primary provincial contact for event details and provide ongoing support, assistance and troubleshooting. 
  • • Respond to requests for support from coordinators and, where time permits, individual participants throughout the province. 
  • • Organize post-event evaluations, including the creation and administration of surveys and other mechanisms that solicit feedback and ideas for improvement. 
  • • Coordinate the process of delivering grants to regional Bike to Work & School/GoByBike events, including creating/updating application forms, keeping spreadsheets of applications, and coordinating the board’s granting sub-committee. 
  • • Carry out other activities as required to help local communities produce successful events across the province and meet goals and objectives of GoByBike BC. 


Coordination of materials/systems required for GoByBC Bike Events 

  • • Ensure website and registration/reporting systems are working and are enhanced as required, coordinating with the website/technical service provider. 
  • • Update website content ( and assist local communities in their use of the website and other systems. 
  • • Coordinate the use of the GoByBike BC logo and ensure provincially and locally produced materials such as posters and t-shirts adhere to the organization’s brand guidelines. 


  • • Assess the need for future enhancements to the website and other systems and make related recommendations to the board, including costs. 



  • • Promote GoByBike BC Society and events through available channels, including social media and earned media, within budget and time constraints. 


Proposal Guidelines and Expectations 

This outline is incomplete, and as a hired contractor with expertise in non-profit and event management, additional support may be required to delineate supplemental activities that may be required for a successful event. 

GoByBike BC has established budgets for administration, event promotions, website, registration system and community grants. You are required in the proposal to submit a work plan that outlines the approximate fee requirements for both yourself and any subcontractors engaged to fulfill the above scope of work, up to a maximum of $100,000. 

The Society reserves the right not to accept your proposal and subsequently to invite proposals from other parties. 

Criteria for Contractor Evaluation 

Each proposal will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: 

  • • Experience of the Contractor in non-profit organization management. 
  • • Experience of the Contractor (and subcontractors if applicable) in event management services. 
  • • Overall budget. 
  • • Demonstrated ability to complete projects on schedule and within budget. 
  • • Experience in dealing with municipal and provincial partners. 
  • • Experience in working with and finding sponsors/funders. 
  • • Ability to communicate and work well with board members and other stakeholders. 


Proposal Timeline 

- Proposal Deadline – April 12, 2021 extended to April 19, 2021 

- Meeting with Short-Listed Contractors – April 19 to 23 

- Notification of Successful Contractor - April 30 

- Position Start (proposed) - May 15 

- Overlap period with outgoing ED – until June 2021? 

- Spring 2021 GoByBike Event – May 31 to June 5 

- Fall 2021 GoByBike Event - September 2021 

- Spring 2022 GoByBike Event – May 2022 

- Contract Completion (with potential to renew) – June 30, 2022 


Please submit proposals to prior to midnight, April 19, 2021. Feel free to reach out to our Board with any questions. 

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