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Good Food Programming Knowledge Library Lead
Community Food Centres Canada
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rfp (request for proposal)  •  $15,000 to support work. Additional budget available to support creation of original content.

Request for Proposal: Good Food Programming Knowledge Library Lead


Background Information 

Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) is a registered charity that brings people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food and empowers communities to work toward a healthy and fair food system. CFCC was founded to move beyond the traditional charitable approach to meeting basic food needs by using the power of food to support health and call for broader systemic changes.

Since 2012, CFCC has worked with 15 partners across Canada to build strong Community Food Centres (CFC) that bring people together around good food. CFCC is on track to grow its network to 20 CFCs by 2022, including a new flagship headquarters in Toronto. Each CFC is an independently governed organization that enters into an operating agreement with CFCC to adhere to shared principles and offer core programming in the areas of food access, food skills and community advocacy & engagement. The Toronto CFC will be operated by CFCC and is projected to launch in fall 2022.

CFCs are welcoming spaces where people can share a great meal with their neighbors—and get involved in a range of other activities, including cooking, gardening and finding their voice on the issues that affect their community.

As the national organization, CFCC also runs the Good Food Organization network which works with over 300 partners around shared “Good Food Principles” to increase their capacity to offer dignified food programs. CFCC also develops health promotion programs that combine curricula, coaching, impact measurement and funding. Finally, CFCC aims to influence federal policy to ensure that income security and health policies support people living on low incomes, and to engage partners in advocating for progressive change.

CFCC’s annual budget is in the $10M range and the organization is primarily funded by philanthropy. Visit for more information.


Statement of Purpose

Community Food Centres Canada is seeking support in the development of an online learning platform (“The Good Food Programming Knowledge Library”) for facilitators delivering food-focused programming in communities across Canada. The learning platform will support facilitators in building their familiarity with project-specific expectations, increase their capacity and ability to deliver impactful and inclusive programming, expose them to best practice and thought leadership within the field, and help them build capacity and confidence in their role.


Scope of Work

The selected partner will be responsible for supporting CFCC in the initial setup of a predetermined learning platform and leading the design and development of the first five modules. The five modules include:

  • Module 1: An anti-oppressive approach to program facilitation (e.g. how to be an accessible presenter; eliminating hierarchical forms of learning)
  • Module 2: Enhancing engagement and participation in programming
  • Module 3: Democratizing the program space (e.g. intentionally creating a welcoming environment; building trust, rapport and a sense of safety amongst participants)
  • Module 4: Customizing program content while meeting shared program objectives
  • Module 5: Tip and tricks for engaging participants in program evaluation

It is anticipated that each module will be comprised of original and existing resources, including but not limited to:

  • Animated or other short videos,
  • Narrated & designed presentations,
  • Recorded interviews/lectures (with previous participants/facilitators),
  • Knowledge checks, reflection prompts and practical assignments
  • Interactive discussion boards

Drawing on best practices in adult education, the learning platform and its various modules will offer:

  • Convenience: Offer asynchronous learning that facilitators can engage in on their own schedule.
  • Community: Offer a collaborative, well facilitated environment in which facilitators across the country can access both information and community.
  • Flexibility: Create opportunities for learning across multiple forms of content - video, reading, podcast episodes, etc. as well as multiple methods for reflection on learning - quizzes, personal reflection, group reflection, etc.
  • Applicability: Curate content that facilitators need but cannot easily find that relates to social food programming and beyond.
  • Joy & Engagement: Facilitate joyful, non-hierarchical learning experiences that are about learning from experts and from each other.
  • Adaptability: Offer real time feedback and analytics/evaluation for CFCC staff to adjust and iterate modules as needed.
  • Accessibility: Develop content that is in plain, accessible language that facilitators of diverse backgrounds can understand and relate to as well as meeting AODA criteria.
  • Modelling: Create a learning environment that “walks the talk,” modelling the approaches we are offering to facilitators.


Roles and Responsibilities

The Knowledge Library Lead will be responsible for:

  • Setting up the initial infrastructure of a predetermined learning platform and offering a one-hour tutorial to the CFCC project team to demonstrate its functionality;
  • Developing and designing engaging and enjoyable learning pathways for project-specific facilitators in collaboration with CFCC’s project team;
  • Curating relevant existing resources in collaboration with CFCC’s project team;
  • Overseeing the production of original content, from concept design and creative brief through to product delivery, with an eye to consistency in brand, tone and messaging;
  • Liaising with external vendors to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget;
  • Uploading and organizing content for the first five modules;
  • Providing weekly status updates to the CFCC project team

In support of this project CFCC will:

  • Assign a dedicated project team to work in collaboration with the contracted project lead;
  • Identify the platform for the Knowledge Library (though still under assessment, we are currently exploring the suitability of platforms such as HowSpace and Mighty Networks);
  • Manage billing and payment to third party partners (e.g. animation/film studio);
  • Provide brand guidelines for the creation of original content and support on ensuring branding is consistent
  • Identify the required content for each module.
  • Support the creation of original content for the modules.
  • Offer ongoing feedback and support through the process.
  • Suggest potential vendors to support in content development, in addition to reviewing and vetting candidate recommendations.
  • Connect project lead with resources, past program participants, etc. that will support content creation.



We are looking for an individual or collective who possesses:

  • Experience and expertise in curriculum development and/or instructional design
  • An understanding of adult education learning principles
  • Proven ability to work within an Indigenized, decolonial, anti-racist and anti-oppressive framework
  • Expertise translating complex concepts into interactive, engaging, fun, accessible and culturally sensitive content
  • Experience leading collaborative design processes and a willingness to work closely with CFCC as the project is developed and executed
  • Experience with vendor selection and management - from videographers to graphic designers to illustrators - from project launch to successful completion.
  • Comfortability collaborating with creative teams in the design, development and refinement of original products
  • Project management skills, as evidenced through successful, on-time/on-budget completion of comparable projects
  • Experience working with AODA standards

The following are not required but will be considered assets:

  • Previous experience in the food security sector and/or familiarity the delivery of community-based programming
  • Ability to develop (shoot, animate, edit) videos and/or competency in Adobe Creative Suite


Term of Contract

The contract is expected to commence in December 2021 and all deliverables should be completed by April 30, 2022.


Contractual Terms and Conditions

This RFP process will be subject to the terms and conditions presented in Appendix A (Standard Independent Contractor Professional Services Agreement template).



$15,000 is available to support the work as identified above. Additional budget is available to support the creation of original content.



This RFP is open to anyone or any agency working from any location in Canada.


Proposal Requirements

Applicants will need to provide:

  • A brief response (creativity encouraged!) that shares
    • Your understanding of the project
    • Initial thoughts on what this training platform might look like and how you might make challenging information accessible to multiple learning styles
    • Principles that you intend to apply to the development of the five modules listed above
    • An indication of your experience in managing creative vendors and/or skills in design and video
    • Details on your hourly rate or billing preference for the proposed project
  • A CV or resume (if applying as a collective, please include a CV or resume for all parties involved)
  • Two to three examples of prior work similar to this project

Please submit proposals by Friday December 3 to the following email address:


Key Dates:

  • RFP issued: Tuesday Nov 16, 2021
  • Proposals due: Friday, Dec 3, 2021
  • Interviews and Selection: Week of Dec 6, 2021
  • Project kick-off meeting: Dec 15, 2021
  • Final products delivered: Apr 30, 2021

For more details of this RFP, please refer to the information on our website.

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