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RFP - Strategic Fund Development Consultant
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rfp (request for proposal)

Strategic Fund Development Consultant

  1. Purpose of RFP

This Request for Proposal (RFP) aims to seek the services of a qualified Strategic Fund Development Consultant (individuals or firms) to provide their expertise, guidance, and innovative strategies in enhancing our organization's fund development endeavors. We anticipate the consultant's role to encompass a comprehensive review of our organizational operations, assessment of our assets and needs, and formulation of a strategic fund development plan to achieve the AHC’s strategic goals and strengthen key areas of operations as well as to enhance our long-term financial viability.  Specifically, we require the consultant to meticulously examine and develop strategies and a well-structured staged implementation plan to enhance our organizational resource base by amplifying our capabilities in promotions, marketing, and use of mainstream and social media. We also establish pertinent policies and procedures, and an internal fund development capacity-building strategy.


Through this project, we aim to attain a more refined and effective approach to fund development initiatives that align seamlessly with our organizational goals and aspirations.


  1. Organization Introduction

Action for Healthy Communities Society of Alberta (AHC) is a leading organization in Alberta committed to supporting equity-deserving individuals and groups to build their capacities and shape a healthy and vibrant community since 1995. AHC works with Albertans to build connections within communities by making it easier for individuals and diverse groups to develop actions that improve their community’s health and well-being.


AHC currently works with over 20,000 clients every year, including newcomers refugees, and other equity-deserving individuals and communities in the greater Edmonton Area and Northern Alberta. We plan to expand its supports to other provinces in the Prairies and Northern Territories in the next couple of years.  Our services include settlement and integration for newcomers, employment and entrepreneurship development support, literacy and skills development, children, youth, and families support, Mental Health, and other relevant supports and services related to individual and community capacity building.

Our Mission

AHC works with all people, especially with equity-deserving individuals and communities, to build their capacity to address the determinants of well-being and prosperity.


Our Vision 

Active individuals and groups are committed to using their skills, knowledge, culture, and values to build a stronger and healthier society.


Our Values  

  • Inclusion: AHC is committed to inclusion through honoring and embracing diversity with humility and respect, to ignite and increase innovation, and to drive smart decisions to promote a sustainably equitable society.
  • Collaboration: We strive to facilitate collective actions to drive proactive supports and developmental engagements to move people forward toward achieving impact and excellence together.
  • Participation: AHC is committed to fostering participation to drive ownership of meaningful engagement and collective accountability
  • Personal Development/Empowerment: AHC is dedicated to fostering personal development /empowerment through capacity development and strongly believes that continuous reflection and learning are essential for self-motivation and reaching potential.
  • Innovation and Excellence: –AHC strives for a just and non-judgmental culture that respects people as individuals and paves the way to genuine learning and improvement. We seek to do good things well, to make a positive difference in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.


  1. Project Information


As our organization, clientele, and reach have rapidly expanded and our stakeholders have become more diverse over the past few years, we are seeking to enhance our efforts to diversify our funding base to align it with the current and future needs of the organization.


AHC has built and maintained long-standing relationships with the majority of its funders. Through developing and implementing innovative and responsive programs and services, AHC is attracting more resource providers on an ongoing basis.


Currently, we are dependent on grant funding from a diverse base of funders, including all three levels of the Government, private foundations, corporate sector, small businesses, and individuals to support our programs and services for a wide variety of our clients and program participants.  However, most of the funding we receive from these sources is tied to different programs and services through multi-year funding agreements. The current funding model limits our capacity to serve the diverse needs of our clientele as well as restricts our long-term viability. Our current restricted vs unrestricted funding ratio is about 90:10.


The incumbent will most prominently be involved in strategically developing our financial capacity-building strategies and an implementation plan to help our daily operations as well as ensuring our long-term sustainability in light of our current growth pattern and future needs. The implementation instruments, including fund-raising guides and other tools /templates developed through this project, should cater to our needs for the next five years, keeping our growth trajectory in mind.


Scope of Work

We expect the fund development consultant to perform a comprehensive assessment of our current key assets, identify and assess our funding needs, analyze findings, develop strategic solutions, and provide actionable implementation recommendations for an appropriate funding model, enhancing our fund development capacity, as well as any other pertinent areas identified during the assessment:


  • Formulating a fund development strategy that supports AHC's organizational growth, encompassing various programs and services.
  • Strategically identify appropriate models and sources that align with our needs, capacity, stakeholder interests, and growth objectives while enhancing our existing programs and service strategies and narrowing the restricted vs unrestricted funding gaps. Simultaneously, addressing the current needs and a comprehensive framework for future growth.
  • Strategically outline and create essential procedures, templates, and tools for daily operations and long-term planning, along with fund development recommendations.
  • Assessing the need for and proposing an internal capacity-building and training strategy, including material development.
  • Identify and address additional funding gaps to formulate a comprehensive communications plan.


Project Timeline

  • RFP submission deadline– Thursday, February 29, 2024.
  • Interview period/presentation of selected vendors– March 10, 2024.
  • Evaluation of responses and selection of vendor – March 15, 2024.
  • Planned contract award date – March 15, 2024.
  • Planned project completion date- June 30, 2024.


Project Budget

Please provide a financial proposal to undertake the project according to its scope and timelines.


  1. Proposal Requirements

The submissions must include the following:

  • Introduction: Provide a brief overview of your organization, highlighting relevant experience in fund development and strategic consulting. If the project involves multiple team members, introduce the key individuals and their pertinent expertise and experience. Provide links to your agency website, online portfolios, and social media.
  • Understanding of Scope: Demonstrate a clear understanding of the scope outlined in the RFP, emphasizing your expertise in addressing funding development gaps and enhancing the organization's efforts, especially in the nonprofit sector.
  • Approach and Methodology: Outline your proposed approach to conducting a comprehensive assessment, identifying gaps, analyzing findings, and formulating strategic solutions. Describe the methodologies you plan to use in each phase of the project.
  • Budget and Resource Allocation: Present a comprehensive budget covering all project aspects. Specify resource allocation for each phase.
  • References – Provide a list of a minimum of three references who can speak to services requested in this RFP. Please include contact information and a brief description of the work done for those clients.
  • Schedule – Provide the suggested project schedule detailing the time required for each major step or phase of the project.
  • User Training and Support – Provide details on the user training and support included for our current and future fund development staff along with the training support format (i.e., onsite/in-person, virtual, other documentation, etc.).


  1. Evaluation Criteria

Proposals meeting mandatory requirements will be evaluated with the following criteria: 

  • Your proposal must be received no later than 5 pm MST, Thursday, February 29, 2024
  • Proficiency in recommending and effectively communicating appropriate solutions.
  • Demonstrated past work showcasing practical, innovative, and successful management of fund development projects and organizational capacity building.
  • Appropriateness of the proposed price is commensurate with the value offered by the proposing entity.
  • The proposal is presented in a clear, logical, and organized manner, furnishing the relevant information specified by the RFP.


  1. Other terms and conditions
  • AHC reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals based on the organization's best interests.
  • AHC is not liable for any costs or expenses incurred by a Bidder or any other person or entity in preparing their Proposal.


  1. Project Deliverables


The selected consultant will be expected to deliver the following:

  • A comprehensive report summarizing the results of the assessment findings.
  • Recommendations and corrective measures to address identified gaps and challenges in the Fund Development at AHC.
  • A comprehensive framework/ funding model for AHC’s fund development encompassing all its activities and focused on multiple sources/ stakeholders
  • Strategies to enhance AHC funding from all available sources and mediums/ platforms (traditional and digital)
  • A comprehensive implementation plan for ongoing fund development including ongoing capacity building of AHC team and training material for all relevant staff and stakeholder involved in this function.
  • Required tools, including materials/documentation/templates relevant to the fund development/fundraising.


  1. Contract Terms

Action for Healthy Communities will negotiate contract terms upon selection, and a project will be awarded upon signing of an agreement or contract, which outlines terms, scope, budget, and other necessary items


  1. How to submit your proposal:

Please submit your proposals via email to by Monday, March 4th, 2024

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